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"Losing My Mind" Valentine release!

About Clem De La Creme

From being raised in Chicago, to traveling the world, 

Clem De La Creme has continued to grow as an artist and 

hopes that his journey inspires others to feel and share love by following their passions and becoming their greatest selves. 

Clem is a recording artist and a DJ who has performed in

venues all over China, including Mao Live House, 

Yuyintang, Arkham and JZ Club, opening for a diverse group of artists including R3LL, Keys N Krates, Pendulum, 

Crank Dat and Gravez. 

On December 16 2016, Clem De La Creme released his 

first EP titled 16s which is available on all major music 

platforms (iTunes, Spotify, 163 music, etc.).   

As a producer, Clem De La Creme contributed original 

material for the 2017 Dubai Tourism Campaign, recently he has been releasing remixes on soundcloud that have a heavy Jersey Club influence.

Be on the look out for the Zhao Dai EP dropping early 2020, and the Afrika in Asia Mixtape.

The Blend - "Boom In Yo Face" Video

Hit YouTube and peep the latest music video from The Blend

Check out the release of Ballrockin's "Losing My Mind ft. Patience & Clem De La Creme"





"Moving Out" release!

Don't miss this tiny desk concert style performance of CDLC's "Moving Out" on YouTube or stream the audio from your favorite platform.